Thursday, February 4, 2021

Movie Review: Uppity - The Willy T. Ribbs Story


Uppity - Chassy's 2018 Movie Production

Yeah I am late to the show on this one. Released by Chassy in 2018 and available on Netflix. What a show though! If you love Racing and have yet to watch it, you will be entertained.

My knowledge of Willy T was minimal up until watching this, I had recently got around to researching him again when someone pointed out there was a movie about him that I was unaware of. Up until now I had known of his IndyCar exploits and that he was an SCCA Trans-Am Series driver and I had made a mock up of his No.28 Camaro on Forza Motorsport. I had literally no idea how he was as a driver however.

In typical biographical documentary style everything you expect to be there is there, great footage and photos along with a host of hugely famous names from the racing world. Many of these names are commentators throughout including Willy T. Ribbs himself along with Bobby Unser, Wally Dallenbach Jr, David Hobbs, Donald Davidson and, Bernie Ecclestone. Caitlyn Jenner also appears having drove as Bruce Jenner in 1980's SCCA Trans-Am Series. Other notable names appearing in the film Paul Newman, Jack Roush, Muhammad Ali, Don King and Bill Cosby. 

Willy T. and Paul Newman (photo by

The story is incredible in its entirety, beautifully edited and chronologically ordered. The people interviewed and the footage included are what make it so engaging. Whether it is Will from "Then" or Willy from "Now" the passion for the sport is obvious and oozing. Willy was not just another African-American driver who set standards by just taking part. Willy could race, not only that he could race anything and probably finish on three wheels. This is the story of a driver with obstacles who got over them by winning races.

IMDB has an average rating of 8/10, for me as a race fan it's definitely a 9/10. Up until viewing this my favorite movie of the same type was "Senna". Uppity has knocked it off the top, mainly because the racing involved and the characters who appear are more relevant to me.

Check it out! He is still getting behind the wheel aged 66 and long may he continue. I could rave about this film a lot more, but no spoilers from me!

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